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name/age/sex/sexual orientation/location: Caitlin...17...Female...straight.

describe yourself in ONE sentence: "I like big butts and i cannot lie.."

your all time favorite band and why: Against Me. They make me feel like i can go days without sleeping and still feel awake and amazing. Their music gives me enery which cant be duplicated with any other band or energy drink.

pick your favorite mod and tell us why:bangbam.. her face is very pretty.

pick the hottest member (username, picture, or both. They cannot be MODS or the current Member Of The Week):fucking__trashy

pick the ugliest member (username, picture, or both):robotarmy

what do you think of Cait (kill_the_dramax), the current Member of the week?: her smile is really pretty...we have the same name?...if yours is Caitlin :)

put a banner in your userinfo:

5+ pictures:

 i miss my blonde hair a lot :(


Sorry about all the pictures looking the same. I am borrowing my brother's camera and computer so dont have many to choose from.

150x200 for member's page:

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