I woke up thirsty on the day I died (solstince) wrote in cavalryy,
I woke up thirsty on the day I died

stamped/first post

I went apartment shopping yesterday and finally found 'the one'...

Before going out...

At my current apartment, I'll miss it

Me waiting impatiently outside for the manager to show up

Annnnd inside. It's a vintage(1920's I believe) studio. Quite large, a corner unit. Also, it costs a million dollars per month...blah

My favorite part is the candle type lamps on the wall...they are original, and amazing. View into kitchen...

Ancient but awesome wallpaper in bathroom

My gorgeous friend at lunch after we took measurements of the place

The kitty we went to visit to concider adopting...if you need a cat and live in washington, you should adopt her. She's amazing. however, I'm allergic and reacted worse to her than most cats... :(
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