brianna anastasia (corpsette) wrote in cavalryy,
brianna anastasia


name/age/sex/sexual orientation/location: brianna anastasia/ 17/ female/ bisexual/ los angeles
describe yourself in ONE sentence: i'm a total hippie, me life is basically peace, love, and marijuana.
your all time favorite band and why: radiohead, cos they've never come out with an album i didn't like.
pick your favorite mod and tell us why: bangbam cos she's pretty.
pick the hottest member (username, picture, or both. They cannot be MODS or the current Member Of The Week):

pick the ugliest member (username, picture, or both): 32a, i think you're pretty but your eyebrows bug me.
what do you think of Cait (kill_the_dramax), the current Member of the week?: cuuuuutie.
put a banner in your userinfo: corpsette
5+ pictures:
recent to oldest

no makeup photo

150x200 for member's page:

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