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So basically it's done here at cavalryy.
But that doesn't mean there isn't a new community on the horizon.
Slightly different focus, basically a whole new kind of rating community.
So far I've talked to Leah, Tori and Ashley (zebrasnamerica) about modding.
If any of the other current mods here are interested, IM me and get further information.
If anyone else would like to promote or that sort of thing, also IM me.

I'm not deleting the community, because who knows, it might make another comeback.

I would love for every one of you to join us at the new community, but understand if you don't.
This isn't the official closing, just a warning. I still need to talk to Cameron, Logan, and Brittany before its all finalized.

New Community: companytalk if you want to join early.
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