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name/age/sex/sexual orientation/location: Jasmine/15/Straight/Atlanta
describe yourself in ONE sentence: I love Star Wars, 80's hairbands, dancing, playing acoustic, and eating food; however, I hate whores, fake piercings, and Benny Hen's wife.
your all time favorite band and why: I like a lot of bands. As of right now my favorite is The Faint, because they make me want to dance. However, I love listening to converge. It makes me want to run, dont ask why.
pick your favorite mod and tell us why: Leah. She is gorgeous.
pick the hottest member (username, picture, or both. They cannot be MODS or the current Member Of The Week):

pick the ugliest member (username, picture, or both):

what do you think of Cait (kill_the_dramax), the current Member of the week?:
Well the info isn't up yet, because its all under contruction and whatnot. I'm sure she is adorable.
put a banner in your userinfo:
5+ pictures:

I kind of look like buddha when I laugh.

150x200 for member's page:

the dimensions are wrong, but I really suck at this.
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